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Pumicized Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner Tubes
Petroleum solvent free, PH balanced citrus lotion hand cleaner with finely ground pumice. Fortified with five skin conditioners and a bacteriastat to help keep hands moisturized, smooth, and soft, yet strong enough to exfoliate and dissolve grease, paint, inks and many other hard-to-remove soils.Pumicized Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner Tubes
Wall Dispenser For Pumicized Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner Tub
Wall mount dispenser is required for 4-liter Pumicized Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner Tub. The back plate is mounted to wall. Dispenser/reservoir unit locks into bottom portion of mounting plate. Refill is placed foil seal down and inserted into mount. Product flows into reservoir emptying completely during use with no waste. Empty tank can be changed while product reservoir still contains product. You get 1,444 dispensings from each refill.Wall Dispenser For Pumicized Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner Tub
Skin Shield
Unique formula that helps protect skin from solvent, paint, resins, chemicals, fiberglass fibers, epoxy, ink, dye, and other forms of dirt and grime. Moisturizes as it protects skin with Aloe Vera and Lanolin. Allows skin to flex and breathe while being protected. Enables increased manual dexterity. Use under gloves to help protect against latex sensitivity. Keeps hands from drying and cracking. Cannot be washed off without soap. Pleasant fragrance.Skin Shield