Clean Linen Dry Air Freshener And Odor Neutralizer

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Clean Linen Dry Air Freshener And Odor Neutralizer

Clean Linen Dry Air Freshener And Odor Neutralizer

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Product Packaging: Case of 12 Cans
Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs


Manufacturer: Terand Industries

Product Description:
Metered Aerosols Dispenser
The slim-line cabinet, deluxe model LED air freshener dispenser automatically dispenses metered air fresheners 24 hours a day. Programming options control the spray frequency (7.5, 15 or 30 minutes), refill can selection (30-day or 60-day cans) and allows the user to select whether the unit operates in darkened or lighted conditions. Uses 2 D-cell alkaline batteries that will last at least one year. Includes a blinking red LED “Battery Low Power” indicator, test switch and a key lock. 1-year warranty for defects in parts and 3-year warranty for workmanship.Metered Aerosols Dispenser
Mountain Air Dry Air Freshener And Odor Neutralizer
Freshens the air and neutralizes smoke and other malodor. Sprays in a fine particle size that disperses fragrance throughout a large area without causing messy, wet fallout. Spray-Thru cap works with can held in an upright or inverted position.Mountain Air Dry Air Freshener And Odor Neutralizer
Fabric And Upholstery Refreshener
A penetrating foam that starts working instantly to eliminate odors from fabric and upholstery. Quickly and deeply deodorizes. Effectively removes pet, cooking, smoke and stale odors. Fresh clean fragrance.Fabric And Upholstery Refreshener
Secret Garden Metered Air Freshener (6 Pack)
While many air fresheners only camouflage odors, Terand’s line of premium metered air fresheners neutralizes and eliminates odors and leaves a fresh, clean, long-lasting scent. All fragrances are compatible with many standard automatic metered aerosol dispensers. One can counteracts unpleasant odors and freshens up to 6,000 cubic feet for 30 days or longer when set to dispense every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. Recommended for use in hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, restrooms, restaurant lounges, office buildings, lobbies, or wherever you wish to eliminate odors and create a pleasant, long-lasting scent. Dispensers sold separately.Secret Garden Metered Air Freshener (6 Pack)